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Mo Better Cutz Origins

Mo Better Cutz is a proud independent business, established in 1996 and funded by the Princes’ Trust Scheme.

Since its establishment, founders Paul Clarke and Rodney McGillivary have turned the barbershop into an iconic establishment that serves the community. Both founders worked together at Gees, a local barber shop, prior to joining forces and founding Mo Better Cutz. The businesses ethos is to always deliver a world class service and outstanding customer experience to anyone who walks through the door and takes a seat in their chairs.

The Mo Better Cutz values are integrity, precision, and consistency. The business has had a very diverse customer base since it's opening and continues to excel in its versatility every day. Mo Betters is a business developed around the needs and demands of the local community and this has been a major factor that segregates them compared to many other barbers.

By being a business that highly regards integrity as a standard it has enabled them to become an icon in the West London region which has lead to them being featured in a well-renowned movie ‘Adulthood’ which co-owner Rodney McGillivary Stars in. Amongst the movie fame, many other famous celebrities have visited the barbers such as Idris Elba, Pharrell Williams, Brian Lara, T-Pain and Movie writer of the ‘Kidulthood’ and ‘Adulthood’ sequel Noel Clarke. With over 30 combined years of experience in the shop amongst its exceptional staff and consistent excellent feedback of their customers,

Mo Better Cutz have earned their well-deserved title as the Ambassadors Of Hair.

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